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our mission is to help you outperform.

Quantitative, data-driven, machine learning, artificial intelligence. Sounds familiar and trendy? Sure does. Then add ESG, clean tech, new economy, automation & robotics, costs and the exponentially increasing regulation. Mind-blowing. But fear not, we take care of all that for you so you can say “we did it” or "we have it".  Through our unique platform and open architecture based on learning and data processing, we can create any product or solution you need. Best yet - you don't need to hire anyone. We do the heavy lifting, you take the glory for the success. Don’t worry, it’s fine. We don't mind.

do you have what your customers need?

And are YOU taking full advantage of your revenue potential?  The world is changing at an increasing pace, data is produced in unseen amounts and focus is shifting towards green values. This can be both a threat as well as an opportunity. Let us help YOU take advantage and be at your best.

how is it possible?

At Genio Capital we have developed a state-of-the-art platform and approach where we break down complex financial markets into standardized, fully automated and learning-based components. These components can be seamlessly combined into any kind of program, be it trend following, plain equity long-short or even passive equity strategies with or without ESG criteria - anything, really. The possibilities are endless but the approach remains the same. The finalized system is automatically monitored and allocated by our proprietary AI-based algorithms with a minimum of human intervention. It is all 100% automated, dynamic, transparent and scalable to any level. Amazing? Sure is.

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The magic number

Zero. There are zero exrra costs for you to set it up and run the business.

simplicity and  efficiency.

Regulation is tightening, data availability is exploding and investors are becoming more sophisticated. There is a mounting pressure on being ever-more innovative, whilst keeping increasingly cost-efficient.  We provide any solution, fully automated and adaptive to keep up with the times and all this without any upfront costs on your behalf. We ensure support and business continuity. Quant-as-a-Service (QaaS). No need to hire a hot-shot portfolio manager that will leave at the first hint of success or to reinvent the wheel and throw tons of money at building an expensive in-house quant team. We are your solution - you just sit back and relax. Plain and simple.

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100 % automation

We build our entire approach on automation and experience. You benefit.


active or passive, alpha or beta. We have it. you got it.

These are some of the examples of programs, strategies and solutions that we are currently monitoring or running on behalf of our clients. ESG, clean tech, green bonds, futures, currencies - or even bitcoin. We have every solution and we can provide it in your name. AI-driven, key in hand.

Passive index replication.

Index replication is becoming trendy and it is an artform in itself where minimizing tracking error is not enough. Our adaptive algorithms can do the job for you, efficiently and accurately - with or without ESG.

Intelligent, adaptive ESG

The world is looking for the perfect ESG solution - typically with a static list for negative screening. But is this list valid next year or the year after? We doubt it. Our learning-based algorithms ensure that you are up to date whatever comes.

Downside protection

Why not introduce an active equity program with capital protection when the markets go down? Or AI-based allocation models for your clients and funds? Our algorithms are continuously traded and monitored globally.

Active risk allocation

Static risk parity is a thing of the past - our EDGE strategy dynamically allocates risk to different asset classes to ensure the best risk-adjusted returns - irrespective of the market environment.

Alternative programs

When it comes to alternative investment strategies to hedge your portfolio, we have got it all for you. Trend-following, macro, portfolio correlation, commodity, crypto or short-term futures. You name it.

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Simplifying complexity.

let us help you accelerate your business.

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